Veterinarian Tips on Your Dog’s Paws

Posted on March 29, 2016
Veterinarian in Marietta, GA


After a long winter, spring is a welcomed event and people begin to walk their dogs more and more. As summer approaches, a danger to you dog is developing; the pavement can become scorching hot and burn your dog’s paws.

Following a few tips to protect your pet will prevent a trip to the vet.

1.  Walk your dog on grass or shady areas during the hotter days.

2.  Schedule walks during the cooler parts of the day.  Evenings and early mornings avoid the hotter periods of the day, allowing the pavement to remain at cooler temperature.

3. Check your dog’s paw pad for signs of damage.  If he is walking or acting strange, take him to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

4.  Some dogs will wear shoes.  If this is the right solution for your pet, look into Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot- a rubber soled shoe with great protection.

5.   Disposable dog booties, like Pawz Disposable Booties can also help protect from the heat if your dog is willing to wear them.

6. Moisturize your dog’s paws for paw protection with products like Cain & Able Moisturizing Paw Rub.

7.  Use paw wax, like Musher’s Secret to protect your dog’s feet from the hot pavement.

Over time, your dog’s paws will toughen from walking on the cool pavement.  Although the solutions above help, it’s best to completely protect your dog and walk when it’s cool.

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