Affordable Pet Vaccine Clinic

The Affordable Pet Vaccine Clinic will be every Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm

Marietta Vet Clinic offers affordable pet vaccinations because every pet needs protection from contagious and deadly diseases.

Pet vaccines protect pets by triggering an immune response that fight against future infections and diseases. Since the widespread use of vaccines, disease and death has been prevented in millions of animals. Marietta Vet Clinic strives to protect every pet's health by offering affordable pet vaccinations. Vaccinating against disease can provide your dog or cat a healthier life. The veterinarian at Marietta Vet Clinic can discuss and give advice regarding your pet's individual vaccination needs.

Many factors are taken into account and a program is tailored to fit your pet. "Core" vaccines will be recommended for most pets, and "non-core" vaccines available for specific needs. Core vaccines protect pets against more serious and potentially fatal diseases. The American Animal Hospital Association, AAHA has developed guidelines with the following as core vaccines: adenovirus, parvovirus, rabies and distemper. Let our vet clinic serve as your animal clinic starting today.

Marietta Vet Clinic strives to provide pet vaccines in our animal clinic that are low cost pet vaccinations as a service to our Marietta, Kennesaw and surrounding communities and pet populations.