Microchip Your Pet at Marietta Vet Clinic

A Microchip for your pet is the best way to ensure your pet is returned when lost.

Marietta Vet Clinic offers a microchip from HomeAgain because thousands of pets are lost every day, and it’s the best way to help your pet get home.   It’s a protection that inexpensive, quick, easy with very little pain.  Best of all, it keeps your pet identified it’s whole life.

Microchip your dog or cat with HomeAgain

Microchip your dog or cat with HomeAgain

How you may ask?  The microchip is placed in your pet encoded with information on a tiny bar code.  It identifies the owner’s contact information, as well as information about your pet. It is kept in a permanent database that can be scanned as soon as a dog or cat is found at any veterinarian office, local pound or shelter.

Your pet’s microchip ID code is unique and one of a kind. The code is stored in your pet’s profile along with owner contact information.  This is desperately valuable information if your pet ever becomes lost.

There’s no need to fear unwanted calls or solicitation.  The only call you will ever receive is your lost pet has been found. Remember to keep your pet’s profile up to date with a recent photo, as it’s an added way to protect your pet. Once your pet becomes chipped, you will have access the ability to update information on yourself and your pet.

Our Marietta Ga Vet understands that losing a pet is stressful, that’s why they use a service with a pet hotline and 24/7 service to assist when pets go missing.

Our Marietta GA vet generally uses the HomeAgain microchip due to their outstanding hotline.  They can be reached at (1-888-466-3242).  Once a pet is found and scanned, they will be called with information on where to pick up their pet.

The phones are manned by pet specialists with training to respond to a lost pet as an emergency in in the most efficient way possible. They realise time is important when a pet is missing. They quickly send out rapid Lost Pet Alerts, and give you a list of animal shelters and closeby veterinarian.

Remember that rescue facilities are helpful in returning your pet.  They can match your dog or cat by description. Generally professionals working with pets always respond to help you manage the stress of a lost pet.

Our vet in Marietta, GA believes in microchipping your pet regardless of the type of chip used. Most pets become lost after they get outside the house or backyard by mistake.  It’s easier to get separated from your pet. Thousands of pets are reunited every day because of a microchip.

If you are looking to microchip your pet, the team at Marietta Vet Clinic can help.

If you are looking for a little more information, get more at HomeAgain.  You’ll be glad you did.

Lost Pet?  The Universal Pet Microchip Lookup can be found at www.petmicrochiplookup.org