Dog Teeth Cleaning

A Dog Teeth Cleaning Can Make a Big Difference!


Dog Teeth Cleaning

A dog teeth cleaning is important for pets to be performed at regular intervals.  It has been proven that many health problems begin in a dog’s mouth.  Just like humans, dogs can suffer from periodontal disease, cavities, infected teeth causing inflammation in the rest of the body.  Owners can be unaware when dogs suffer from mouth infections and toothaches when mouth disease is progressed.  A teeth cleaning for dogs gives a veterinarian the opportunity to clean the teeth and examine each tooth for necessity of a tooth extraction. When your dog gets a necessary tooth removed, they not only feel better, but become healthier.

Why Does Your Dog Need Dental Cleaning?

Dental disease begins early in pets.  At the age of three, your pet likely has tartar and plaque that needs removed by a professional dental cleaning.  Pet’s that do not receive dental cleanings get a build up of tartar resulting in advanced gum disease.  Plaque is full of harmful bacteria that can infect tissue and teeth.  When the structure of a tooth becomes too compromised, then an extraction is advised.  Otherwise your pet could suffer with pain.

Proper dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia.  General anesthesia is necessary to get an excellent result with opportunity to properly diagnose, x-ray and perform tooth extractions. Each tooth is cleaned deep into the gum line.  The teeth then are polished to help slow plaque buildup.

Pets generally recover quickly from the anesthesia, the dog teeth cleaning and even extractions.  Soon, they will eat their regular dry dog food even when teeth have been extracted.

Discuss Dental Health With a Dog Dentist

Discussing dental health of your pet and  a dental diet with your veterinarian is always a good idea. Dogs can be a dental diet as a part or all of their daily feed. Consider dental treats for your pet, as they taste great and can aid in improving your pet’s dental health.

Of, course, there’s cleaning your dog’s teeth at home.  If you can establish a routine early, many pets are happy to cooperate.  Our Marietta vet is happy to help advise.

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