Dogs and When They Go into Heat

Posted on September 26, 2013

Many people wonder what happens when a female dog goes into heat.  This is a stage where females become receptive to mate with males.  Estrogen levels shoot high and decrease quickly to produce mature eggs for conceiving.  Its ideal to spay (or fix) a female dog before its first cycle.  Most female dogs go into heat between six months to twenty four months of age.  Smaller breeds often go into heat earlier than larger breeds.  Most dogs go into heat on average of twice a year (approximately every six months).  This is varies with size and breed of dog.  Most dogs are in heat for about eighteen days, however females are only attracted to males half of the time.

Females become more alert and nervous during this time.  Some dogs urinate more frequently while in heat.  This is all due to the imbalance of hormones.  Most females leak red blood discharge from there vagina called spotting.  There are special diapers that can be purchased at a pet store to protect floors, rugs, furniture etc. 

Most veterinarians recommend to get a female dog spayed.  Females that aren't spayed can develop breast cancer or reproductive system diseases later in life.  Its important to discuss the best time is to spay a dog with a veterinarian because every case is different so is varies.  Birth can really takes a toll on dogs and sometimes can lead to death.  If a dog becomes pregnant, make sure to contact a veterinarian to help the dog through her pregnancy. 

Its also important to spay females considering how many puppies or dogs get euthanized a year.  Accidental pregnancies usually lead to puppies that end up homeless and euthanized.  Taking the initiative and spaying a dog is a responsible step not only for health reasons but also for less dogs to get euthanized.  Lets help female dogs lead a healthy and happy life.