Otitis Externa

Posted on June 12, 2015

Many of us have suffered the discomfort and pain that comes with an ear infection.  Unfortunately, our pets are susceptible to the same problems.  The ailment is medically classified as Otitis Externa, and if not treated properly can lead to long lasting and irreversible damage and in rare cases deafness.  Early recognition and proper veterinary treatment of the infection are key factors in eliminating the problem and reducing the risk of future infections.

While some pets may be pre-disposed to ear infections due to physical characteristics such as long hair or floppy ears, the majority of infections are due to parasites, mites, foreign objects and poor hygiene of the ears.  The outer ear canal is normally the first site of infection and, as the Otitis Externa progresses, it can advance into the inner ear canal and eardrum.

Otitis Externa is commonly identified by culture samples of discharge from the ear or blood test.  Upon diagnosis, a veterinarian will decide mode of treatment.  It can range from simple deep cleaning and oral antibiotic regimen, to more invasive procedures requiring sedation.  Continuity and compliance with the treatment is critical in ensuring the elimination of the infection.  Failure to do so, can lead to future return of the infection and can eventually develop into a chronic disease, affecting your beloved pet for years to come.