Choosing the Right Pet

Posted on June 12, 2015

Choosing the right pet for your family is a big decision.  There are many factors to take into account.  Every pet requires different needs and attention.  Dogs are usually great for families with kids.  Dogs can help teach responsibility because they need daily care.  It’s important to keep in mind that dogs are like children and need constant care.  From feeding to letting them out constantly is something to keep in mind.  Dogs also need to be bathed and toe nails trimmed to keep them clean and healthy.  Cats are a great choice for a busy person or family.  Cats are very self-sufficient in most cases and can be left alone more.  As long as they know where their litter box and food is they usually are fine.  They also do a great job at keeping themselves pretty clean.  Don’t forget that cats still need love and attention from their owners.  Some people like birds as pet.  They are beautiful to look at but also require a lot of attention to their needs.  Birds aren’t on a regular feeding schedule so that why to keep their food and water full at all times.  It’s important to make sure their cage is very clean and maintained.  Dirty cages can not only smell but possibly create health problems for the bird.  Keep in mind that birds can be noisy so if you don’t mind they can be a beautiful addition to your present family.  Choosing a pet is a big decision for the whole family.  It’s important that everyone takes responsibility in ensuring the pet stays happy and healthy.  Taking the time to talk and make sure everyone is on board to help with the pet is a great idea.  Once a pet is in your home and a part of the family there will be lots of love and great memories. The Marietta Vet Clinic, and veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM are happy to help with any other questions you may have in choosing a pet.  Pet veterinary care, pet healthdog shotsvaccinations for dogs or cats, the pet clinic is ready to help.