7 Reasons to Stay Current on Pet Vaccinations

Posted on September 16, 2017

pet vaccinations


From dressing pets up in funny outfits to buying them plush beds and endless toys, many pet owners spare no expenses when it comes to caring for their animals.

But unfortunately, that care does not always extend to covering their pets’ health.

Pet vaccinations are an often-overlooked, sometimes stigmatized essential in any healthy pet’s life. If you’re on the fence about whether you should vaccinate, keep reading to learn about 7 reasons why you should always stay current on pet vaccinations.

1. Pet Vaccinations Prevent Common and Uncommon Illnesses

Many of the debates about human vaccinations center on whether it’s worth the risk to vaccinate against illnesses that aren’t all that common.

But while pet vaccinations do help to prevent uncommon conditions, they also protect your pet from more common ones.

No one wants to see their beloved pet suffer, so why wouldn’t you do anything you can to prevent them from illness and pain.

Besides just vaccinations, regular medication and treatments to protect your pet against fleas and ticks is also important.

2. It’ll Save You Money Over Time

By protecting your pets from both common and uncommon diseases, you’ll actually be saving yourself money over time.

Humans have insurance and health care to help offset the price of medical visits, medications, and trips to the emergency room.

While pet insurance is available, many pet owners don’t have it. Which means that when your pet needs care, you’ll be paying out of pocket. By staying current on your pet vaccinations, you’ll help to prevent your pet from developing many costly illnesses and conditions that you would otherwise shell out tons of money to treat.

The cost of even very common treatments for your pet can be extreme. An overnight stay at a vet clinic for monitoring can be several hundred dollars. X-rays, surgeries, anesthesia, and other costs of treating a major disease can cost several thousand dollars.

Most vet clinics offer payment programs to help offset the costs, so that you’ll never have to choose between treating your dog or putting them down. But you could avoid some of these costs entirely by choosing to vaccinate your pet.

3. If You Have More than one Pet, It’s a Must

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the company of more than one dog or cat in your home, you know how much fun it can be to watch those pets interact.

But one downside to that interaction is that if one of your pets get sick, the others are more likely to as well.

Dealing with treating an illness in one pet can be expensive and stressful enough. But dealing with multiple pets who are ill at once can be much worse.

4. You Can Take Your Dog to the Park Without Fear

Just as illnesses and diseases can be spread between your own pets, it can also be transferred to your pet from other pets that they come into contact with.

If your dog loves to go for walks or visit the park, they likely come into contact with at least a few other pets every day.

There’s no way of knowing which dogs are carrying what diseases and illnesses. If you don’t get regular pet vaccinations for your dogs, your only other way of protecting them from picking up illnesses while out on their daily walk is keeping the from interacting with other pets.

5. The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

One of the side effects of all of the debates circulating about human vaccinations is that many misconceptions have developed surrounding pet vaccinations.

Many people worry that vaccinating against certain diseases can cause your pet to actually develop them instead.

But these cases are extremely isolated. When administered properly and at the right point in your pet’s life, vaccinations are safe.

Some pets may develop skin conditions or allergies following a vaccination. But these conditions are much easier to treat than the diseases that the vaccinations prevent, making this a risk that is well worth taking.

6. You’ll Be Protecting Yourself, Too

There are several illnesses, diseases, and conditions that humans can catch from their pets.

From tapeworms and roundworms, to bacterial diseases like Brucellosis, you and your pet could experience all kinds of symptoms. Some are minor and pass quickly, like diarrhea, fever, or loss of appetite. Other conditions can be much more serious.

Every year, more than 59,000 humans are killed by rabies. While many of these cases occur in developing countries and are the result of contact with wild animals, some are the result of dog bites. Protecting your dog against the rabies virus is a must.

Getting your pet annual vaccinations will not only protect them from developing potentially deadly conditions, it can protect you and your family as well.

7. It Could Save Your Pet’s Life

Some of the diseases and conditions that pet vaccinations protect against won’t do more than make your dog experience flu-like symptoms.

Others are much, much more serious.

For instance, vaccinations protect from canine distemper, an incurable disease. If your dog develops distemper, they’ll experience seizures and other serious symptoms, eventually leading to their death.

Another serious disease that vaccinations protect against is canine parvovirus. Parvovirus, also known simply as parvo, can lead to intestinal and cardiac problems that lead to costly care for your pet, and often death.

Staying Current on Pet Vaccinations

From protecting your pet’s health against common and uncommon illnesses and diseases to protecting you and your family’s health, there are numerous reasons why vaccinating is essential.

A short visit to your local vet and a small investment can help save you a lot of time, money, stress, and sadness later on.

If you love your pet and want to do anything you can to keep them healthy and happy, it’s time to get them vaccinated.

Contact us today to learn more about the types of pet vaccinations available, and when your pet should be vaccinated.